Shabbat Shalom

Rich and I attended an early morning Shabbat service today at a Synagogue in midtown Toronto. In my nearly 52 years of life, today was the first time I have ever done this. To be honest, the only time I ever really go to Synagogue is for the High Holy Days marked on the Jewish calendar or to attend a Bar/Bat Mitzvah service or Wedding. 

But something, or maybe it was someone was calling me there today for a higher purpose. People turn to prayer or help from a higher power for many different reasons and in a variety of situations; oftentimes it’s when we are experiencing negative feelings, such as anger, hopelessness, grief or fear and other times it’s when we feel as though something is so far out of our control. I’m kinda stuck in the middle of all of the above right now.

We could have chosen to go to one of the many Synagogues near to our home this morning but we chose this one in particular because of the deep connection I feel toward the Rabbi who leads this Congregation. 

Along my journey I have had the privilege of meeting many incredible people, some of whom have left an everlasting impact on my life in some way or another and this Rabbi quickly became one of those incredible people for whom has left an everlasting impact on my life since meeting her several years ago. She is a true spiritual leader with so much empathy and kindness in her heart.

I have expressed many times in my writing that I have always leaned more towards a belief in spiritual healing to help revitalize both my body and mind and help me to find more meaning and purpose in my life. I have also said how much I have struggled to put my trust in God, however, with the year I’ve had both personally and emotionally I have tried to turn to God to ask for healing, forgiveness and saving more than ever before. 

Prayer can actually feel very encouraging when we build connections and receive support from others in their prayers as well, which is also why, today, as we stood together with the rest of the congregation, (which included many family members and loved ones of a sweet Bat Mitzvah girl) and read the healing prayer aloud for those who are suffering from illness, Rich took this opportunity to speak my name, asking for a blessing, compassion, restoration and strength from God. 

We all long for connection in our lives and many people do turn to their religion for strength and renewal to enrich their lives and strive for a sense well-being, and now with the arrival of spring on Monday it feels like the perfect season and time of year for a rebirth. It’s the time of year when the temperature begins to rise, where the days start to get longer, the birds begin to chirp again, the grass gets greener, the trees come alive and the flowers begin to bloom. 

Today I felt a higher purpose and deeper connection in my heart as I was reminded of the significance and importance of connection and rebirth through prayer, spiritual healing and even a higher power.

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Author: Kim Fluxgold

Wife, mom of 3 beautiful children, dog lover, creative sole and children's book Author. Sharing my journey with depression and anxiety through blogging in hopes of educating and ending the stigma.

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