Pilot Project

Today I had a meeting with the Executive Director of “The International Crisis Response Association”. Rachel is a Mental Health Advocate and the driving force behind the “non police crisis team” pilot project which launched in 4 regions of Toronto in early 2022. Both Peel and Durham regions are actively working toward joining the program.

Rachel and I were recently connected by a mutual friend and fellow advocate. 

The project’s main goal is to be an alternative model of crisis response and provide community led solutions to mental health crisis calls and wellness checks. 

Since its conception, 911 has successfully diverted 78 percent of their crisis calls to their 211 team of mental health professionals like social workers and nurses who are sent out right away to de-esculate a situation with no police involvement whatsoever. They are there to provide the individuals with proper resources and support; with less than 10 percent of incidences ever resulting in a trip to the hospital. 

For someone like myself who was recently traumatized by an unnecessary police presence in my home during a mental health crisis which resulted in me being handcuffed and taken to the emergency room in a police cruiser and being treated like I was a criminal, I can tell you what a relief it is to know that this program exists and is making a difference; not to mention saving valuable police resources and money.

The reason for our meeting today was to discuss with Rachel the next steps that need to be taken in order to now try and get York Region on board as well with this amazing and much needed pilot project. I live in York Region. 

First she needs to find out whether or not the Police Service Board or City Council have yet made a motion or if by some miracle, it’s already been passed 🙏. If not, the first step will be to get it on their Agenda ASAP. It shouldn’t be a hard sell…we hope! 

The reason our mutual friend connected us was because we both have experienced our broken healthcare system and we both find advocacy work so empowering. Rachel asked me if I would be willing to go before City Council and pehaps the Police Service Board as well if necessary, to share my story. I said yes right away!

Ironically I also finally received a follow up email today from the “Office Of The Independent Review Board” from the letter I wrote to the Complaints of Policies and Procedures Department of the York Regional Police last month following the incident that took place in my home (in case you missed it, click here; https://wheredidmommyssmilego.com/2023/01/21/i-need-to-be-that-voice/).

After reviewing my complaint they determined that it relates to a policy involving the York Regional Police Service (see pic attached). It sounds like it could take at least 2 more months until I hear anything more but any progress for change is a definite step in the right direction. 

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Through the Lens of a Suicide Loss Survivor

Having an open and honest conversation with someone who is experiencing suicidal thoughts is never easy but can save lives. 

There are many different reasons and “at risk factors” as to why a person may be experiencing these thoughts. 

Some of them include; 

A previous suicide attempt

Childhood trauma

Physical or emotional abuse

Stressful life events

Excessive use of drugs or alcohol 

Feeling hopeless, isolated or acutely stressed 

Chronic physical pain or mental anguish 

It’s no secret if you follow me regularly that I’ve been experiencing many intrusive thoughts of suicide lately which has led to suicide attempts and a very difficult conversation with my Psychiatrist the other day as well; in case you missed it, click here: (https://wheredidmommyssmilego.com/2023/02/03/trigger-warning-very-sensitive-content-below-discusses-very-intimate-thoughts-on-suicide-and-medical-assistance-in-dying-m-a-i-d-2/). 

I made a conscious decision long ago to speak as openly and honestly as I possibly can about these thoughts publicly, allowing others who may also be struggling with similar ideations, a safe place to land when they are feeling scared or alone. 

I know that sometimes it may be very overwhelming, even heartbreaking for some people to read, especially if you have never struggled with your own mental health or dealt with a loved one who has which is why I completely understand and respect anyone who may choose to unfollow me, but I am not going to stop fighting for those who do gain comfort and support from my posts. And I know that there are 100’s who do.

The most important thing we can all do for someone who is experiencing suicidal ideations is to provide them with hope and validation. I know that this can be a very stressful position to be in for many and although you may not always know exactly what to say in the moment or always agree with them, ensuring the individual in distress feels safe is first and foremost. It’s also so imperative to avoid messaging that will add to their already overwhelming feelings of shame, guilt and being judged. 

And even though it is often so difficult  for people to know exactly what to say when facing someone who is feeling suicidal like myself, I know that their words are coming from a place of love and probably even fear. Sometimes though certain phrases can do more harm to the individual in crisis. 

Some of these phrases may include:

“Things aren’t that bad”

“Other people have it much worse”

“How could you even think about that?”

“Suicide is selfish” 

“Think of the people who love you”

“Why not try exercising or going out more”

“Have you tried meditating?”

“This to shall pass”

Although very well-intentioned, to a person who is experiencing suicidal ideations, these phrases invalidate the severity of someone’s pain. 

While in the throes of suicidal thoughts and ideations, my brain struggles to believe that if I died tomorrow anyone would miss me. During the most distressing times, like the one I’ve been struggling to get through for the better part of a month now, my depressed brain continually tells me that I am a burden to everyone who loves me, I’m destroying their lives by being alive and that they would be much better off without me, happier too; even if they try and tell me otherwise. 

My heart continues to fight my brain’s perspective as best it can, but the brain is a very powerful machine. Deep down, my heart knows it will leave an emptiness in someone else’s heart, that I will be missed and that my loved ones would not be better off without me. 

My heart has also bared witness to and felt the devastation from families I know who have lost a loved one to suicide. One such suicide loss survivor is someone with whom I admire and respect greatly.

Yesterday afternoon I received a beautiful, heartfelt and heartwrenching message from another such suicide loss survivor who I know of from the community and have met briefly. She is one of the strongest, bravest people I know and has been following my journey for some time now and although my blogs can sometimes be triggering to read she wanted me to know that they have helped her in her healing process to see through a lens for which her loved one was struggling and which ultimately led to him taking his own life nearly 5 years ago; his devastating loss has been felt every day since by both her and her son.

The pain and suffering that a suicide loss survivor goes through, never goes away and I am so beyond grateful to have the strength and guidance of these 2 incredible women in my life to remind me that my loss will leave an emptiness in someone else’s heart, that I will be missed and that my loved ones would not be better off without me.

Their words and perspectives are coming from the most loving place of hope and validation and have left an imprint on my heart.

Suicide is a symptom of depression. It should never be looked at from a place of shame, guilt or judgment. 

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Perhaps I need to write another letter?

So far the first 4 days of February have not been any gentler or kinder to us. Is having one full day of peace in my life really just too much to ask for? 

I was in emerg again last night, this time though it wasn’t for me. Spending any length of time in an emergency room causes me a lot of anxiety given my history and traumatic experiences I’ve had within them; the sounds and smells are especially triggering (and in one particular hospital, the elevators are too. 

But last night something else happened while I was there helping with a loved one that suddenly triggered me like never before; at some point during my time there, 2 police officers entered the emergency room, hand in arm with a women; she was in handcuffs. That was it for me. I lost it. I felt nauseous. My heart was racing and I became very emotional. 

They placed her in a wheelchair when they came through the main corridor to the emergency room. She was berating the police officers for putting her in handcuffs, saying she had never had a “fucking cop” do this to her before. It was certainly not what I needed to see or hear in that moment, but there was nowhere for me to escape from the nearby room we were in. Her voice echoed through the halls.

I certainly don’t know the circumstances that led to her being brought in to emerg in handcuffs by 2 officers on either side of her but it was hard not to hear her cries for help and see how much she was hurting. But mostly, she just deserved some privacy. 

This did not take place at the same hospital, nor technically in the same city for that matter that I was at a few weeks ago when I too was brought into the emergency room in handcuffs. But either way this seems to be a new norm. What truly upset me more than anything and differed greatly from my own experience though was that she was put on display for every single person sitting in the waiting room area or in neighbouring rooms to see.

I cannot imagine what it must of felt like for her knowing that all eyes were on her while in crisis. She was left there in front of the triage area for more than 20 minutes, handcuffed and crying as everyone looked on. At least when I was taken inside it was done through a back door where police and ambulances normally park their vehicles. Triage was done privately and away from the general public. She deserved the same respect.

No one ever once tried to comfort her or offer her support. It was truly heartbreaking. This needs to change. Maybe Mayor John Tory needs a letter from me next?

I just wanted to also take a moment now to say thank you for all the incredible messages of support I received yesterday after posting a blog (in case you missed it, click here: https://wheredidmommyssmilego.com/2023/02/03/trigger-warning-very-sensitive-content-below-discusses-very-intimate-thoughts-on-suicide-and-medical-assistance-in-dying-m-a-i-d-2/.

I am truly grateful to have so many amazing friends and a community at large standing beside me while at the same time being super respectful of my wishes.

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*Trigger Warning; VERY sensitive content below – Discusses very intimate thoughts on Suicide and Medical Assistance in Dying (M.A.I.D). 

I met with my Psychiatrist over Zoom yesterday afternoon. It’d been a few weeks since we last spoke as he had been away. I had ALOT to catch him up on including my overnight stay in emerg which happened just days after our last appointment (I was hoping he’d already read over the report from that night which the Psychiatrist in emerg had told Rich and I that she would be sending to my Psychiatrist and asked that I follow up with him; she never sent it though, but fortunately he was able to pull it up during our appointment through the online porthole which allows Doctors to retrieve information on patients from hospital to hospital throughout Ontario). 

January really took its toll on me (and my family) and has left me feeling completely deflated which I shared with you the other night (FYI: February hasn’t been so kind yet either, although Wiarton Willie did predict an early spring on Groundhog’s Day yesterday!). ~in case you missed it, click here: https://wheredidmommyssmilego.com/2023/01/31/trigger-warning-%e2%9a%a0%ef%b8%8f-very-sensitive-topic-suicidal-ideations-please-do-not-read-if-you-are-feeling-vulnerable-reach-out-for-help-if-you-are-feeling-alone/

The defeat I’ve felt lately is more than I’ve ever felt before. I truly feel like I’m at the end of my rope and I don’t know for how much longer I can hold on to it. In my heart I truly believe that my kids and Rich would be better off without me and that I am a HUGE burden to them all, especially of late. I truly believe that if asked, they would all agree. I also truly believe that I am destroying each and every one of their lives with me in it. 

Throughout my journey, which has included daily suicidal thoughts and several suicide attempts, I’ve been told time and again that “suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem.” In almost 9 years I’ve been promised many times over that “it will get better” and that I need to keep fighting because I am loved by so many and that the world needs to hear my voice. 

I hear you too, I really do.

About a year ago (last April) I wrote another blog titled “M.A.I.D; Medical Assistance in Dying” after the Canadian Government announced that as of March 2023 it will become legal in Canada to medically aid in dying for individuals who are battling mental illnesses such as Depression, Bipolar Disorder, PTSD, Anorexia, Schizophrenia and Personality Disorders (click here to read it,


I was torn, confused and scared. 

It is now February 2023 and just weeks away from the originally scheduled date of March 17th when it was set to become legal in Canada but the Government has just announced that they will be delaying its start date by another year as they’d been receiving a great deal of backlash by mental health advocates and practitioners who just want to ensure the safety of all Canadians and that they take all the necessary steps in order to do so; including “better data collection, proper training and developing practice standards”. 

As torn, confused and scared as I felt upon first learning of this new legislation last year, I have found myself over the past several weeks seriously contemplating the idea of utilizing M.A.I.D as a viable option for me, especially after what I went through with both the police and then while under the care of the emergency room doctors and nurses on January 15th. I never want to go through that again, ever.

Before speaking with my Psychiatrist yesterday I had already talked with both Rich and my therapist about it and my plan to discuss it further with my Psychiatrist.

I wanted to be completely prepared for our meeting and although this will not likely be legalized as of now for possibly another year, upon doing my own research I have found that with the current guidelines in place already I may potentially be eligible to apply sooner.

According to the parameters of M.A.I.D, currently, some people with mental illness may be eligible “if they also have a ‘grievous and irremediable’ physical health condition. Their illness, disease or disability or state of decline causes them enduring physical or psychological suffering that is intolerable to them and that cannot be relieved under conditions that they consider acceptable.” A person’s death also does not need to be reasonably foreseeable for M.A.I.D eligibility (i.e., a person does not need to be at the end of life).~ Camh

The unrelenting overwhelm of the severe neurological damage caused by the clinical study I participated in last April has been getting more and more unbearable to live with on a daily basis and at this point in time would be considered a “grievous” and “irremediable” medical condition with no cure in sight. My Psychiatrist agrees. He also agrees that medication is no longer an option for me. 

My conversation yesterday with my Psychiatrist was probably the hardest one I’ve ever had in my life. He started off by saying that he understands my feelings and how even more difficult my life has become over the last year mentally, physically and (very) personally. He then allowed me to see his vulnerable side by sharing with me that he has really been struggling with the concept of M.A.I.D becoming legal in Canada to medically aid in dying for individuals who are battling mental illnesses but told me that he will support my wishes. As our appointment was coming to a close he asked for my permission to consult with a colleague of his and share my personal information with him in order to see what next steps would need to be taken in the process. 

He made no promises or guarantees to me that I’d be approved quite yet. The process is very long and can take months to complete which a person always has the right to back out of at any time.

As difficult and shocking as this may have been to read, trust me, it was even more difficult to write. I am not trying to encourage just anyone to consider this as a viable option for themselves, now or in the future. This is what feels right for me in this moment but in the meantime I promise I am still fighting my ass off for myself and those who haven’t yet found their voice as I cling desperately to the end of that rope.

Everyone has a story to tell. This is my story. No one deserves to ever live alone in their journey, or die alone either. 

*if you or someone you know is in crisis, please reach out for help immediately. 

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Trigger Warning ⚠️ very sensitive topic, suicidal ideations. Please do not read if you are feeling vulnerable. Reach out for help if you are feeling alone.

At the end of 2022 I wrote a blog (https://wheredidmommyssmilego.com/2022/12/30/highlight-reel-its-been-a-year/) where I stated that 2022 was the hardest, cruelest, toughest year of my life emotionally, physically and personally. 

I tried to convince myself that 2023 was gonna get easier but as I do a quick recap in my head of the first month of the new year, already I am left feeling completely defeated. 

It began with a trip to the ER at the start of the new year after experiencing a severe reaction to a medication I took to help me sleep and ended with some very personal and private matters that much like the fall on my icy driveway the other morning has left me shaken, battered and bruised. And then there were those weeks in between, much of which you know all about by now but some of which I cannot share publicly; all of which though have further proved to me that 2023 is heading in the same direction, and quite honestly I am almost certain as January comes to a close that it has already surpassed the emotional, physical and personal trauma I experienced in all of last year. 

I’ve been so broken for so long now that I don’t even know anymore what it’s like to feel okay. I keep trying to convince myself that this can’t last forever and that the whole world is not conspiring against me. I said in that same blog (see above) at the end of last year that 2022 may have won this battle but that it hadn’t won the war…although as I sit here tonight writing this, I’m not so sure about that anymore but I will try to keep reminding myself that I can’t let the hard days win.

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Monday morning

This is how my Monday morning started. Slipped on a sheet of ice on my driveway before heading to drop my daughter at the train on my way to work.

With my mental and physical state being as fragile and depleted as they both are at the moment, this did not feel like a good sign to start the week.

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Neck Deep

I took this pic (see attached) about a year ago. It was filled with so much promise at the time. I wanted to capture that moment because in my heart I felt like I was one step closer to finding hope and healing as I prepared for my upcoming clinical research trial. But instead, that said trial just ended up taking another piece of me with it; and boy was it a big one.

Because of what happened to me during my treatment, I have spent close to a year now trying desperately to repair my physical wellbeing; only adding on to everything else I’m already dealing with. Much of it has been a waiting game to see Specialists or Doctors and Neurologists, most of whom continue to pass me off to the next person because they just don’t have the answers. 

But a couple of months ago I was meeting quite regularly with a practitioner named Julie (unfortunately my new work schedule has not afforded me the time to see her lately because she only works twice a week and during my work hours, about 45 mins away from me). In the couple of months I was fortunate enough to meet with her she explored many new ways to help calm my nervous system down (in case you missed it: https://wheredidmommyssmilego.com/2022/10/06/sounding-the-alarms/). 

She spent much of our time together patiently explaining to me how our nervous system works and how our brains need to repair the wiring in our nervous system so it can heal from the inside out. None of it made very much sense to me at first. I must’ve skipped that day in science class.

But it started to make some sense the more we talked and the more she showed me techniques to incorporate into my daily life and now, after listening to a Podcast earlier this week by @MelRobbins, a highly respected motivational speaker, an expert on change and someone who I admire greatly and follow regularly (and am also currently reading her book “The High 5 Habit”), I had a real AHA moment when she made the connection between how our past traumas trigger the alarm bells to go off in our nervous system; Julie’s teachings came full circle.

Mel, who herself has battled Anxiety, Depression and other Mental Health issues throughout her life speaks candidly in her Podcast about her own past traumas and how each one of us have past traumas in our lives; some bigger than others, some we may never even know we had. She calls them Big T’s and little t’s.

Therapy has really opened my eyes over the past few years and allowed me to see how many of my past memories and traumas there likely were in my life that led to the sudden onset of my Depression and Anxiety diagnosis nearly 9 years ago; some bigger than others, some I never knew I had, but either way, the added layer of trauma that the clinical study has caused me has really made me stand up and listen to those alarm bells going off even more than ever; all desperately needing some serious badass calming.

In her Podcast, Mel discusses 6 things she has been doing regularly over the last few years that have really helped her flip the switch back on to a state of calm (dare to dream). I’ve tried many variations of them over time but the one suggestion of hers I haven’t tried yet has had me intrigued for months now but is also the one thing I fear most because, well, to be honest, I am terrified of the cold.

I can’t go a day lately though without seeing a Tik Tok video of someone or a friend challenging themselves on Facebook to immerse their entire body (right up to their neck) in a tub filled with ice and freezing cold water; doing so for two full minutes and for as many as thirty days in a row. 

“Cold Water Exposure/Therapy” has been proven by science to have incredible health benefits associated with it; from healing after an injury to helping ease muscle soreness and joint pain. It has also been proven to improve your circulation, sleep habits, resilience and your mood which in turn can help calm your nervous system down.

It’s been no secret that lately both my mental and physical health have been spiraling out of my control and a big part of the reason is that my healing process has taken a backseat to my new job; a job which has only added an entirely new layer of stress and overwhelm to my life. My mental state is tredding on very thin ice right now so maybe now would be the perfect time to take a plunge and submerge my body, neck deep into a giant vat of freezing cold water before I completely slip and fall through the ice.

Who here has tried cold water exposure therapy? Would love to hear your thoughts. 

Here is the link to Mel Robbin’s Podcast: https://link.chtbl.com/UGTDf-Sy?sid=ep34_healyourpast

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Mixed up Emotions

I always get a mix of emotions when my Facebook memories show up today. Don’t get me wrong, I love seeing all the pictures and reminiscing about one of the best nights of my life 11 years ago (January 28, 2012) when we celebrated the B’nai Mitzvah of Jacob and Hannah with all our family and friends by our side but still I can’t help but feel a sense of sadness and loss when I reflect back on that night either. 

I am not the same person I was then. That person, she’s gone, forever. She vanished into thin air just 2 short years later. I still miss so much about her. 

But six years ago today (January 28, 2017) I was able to recreate a new version of me when I slowly began to let the world in and see all the parts of me I’d kept hidden for so long. By reaching outside my comfort zone, while in the midst of my own storm and sharing my truth, I was able to start helping others see the many depths of depression and anxiety and let those who were suffering like me know that they were not alone.

I wrote and shared my first ever Blog publicly that day. It was six years ago today that my pathway to purpose first began and I have no regrets in doing so, instead I just have purpose.

(Here is a blog I wrote last year on this day discussing how I found my pathway to purpose: https://youareenough712.wordpress.com/2022/01/28/the-pathway-to-purpose/).

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Update on letter to Hospital…

I received a phone call the other day from the “Patient Relations” Department in response to my email I’d written days earlier voicing my concerns about how the emergency room Doctor and nurses made me feel amid my mental health crisis the weekend prior to last (In case you missed it: https://wheredidmommyssmilego.com/2023/01/21/i-need-to-be-that-voice/).

The kind woman on the other end of the phone did exactly what I’d wished both the emerg Doctor and nurses had done for me while under their care; she actively listened to me without judgment, she showed compassion and she validated my feelings.

We chatted for about 15 minutes while on my lunch break at work where she collected further information from me and apologized several times for how I was treated (by the police as well). She then told me that with both my lived experience and my passion for mental health advocacy she thought I’d be a great fit for their “Patient Partners Program” and that I should go to their website and submit an application; which I did later that evening. 

The “Patient Partners Program” is made up of community members, including patients, family members of patients and caregivers of patients who work together with their staff and physicians to enhance the care experience from the perspective of the patient, family or caregivers. 

If chosen into the program it will not just allow me to give my feedback but it will allow me to share my story and experiences. It will also allow me to be a voice for every vulnerable individual who walks through their doors, provide insight on opportunities for improvement and change, help educate and guide decisions on care strategies and work with staff from a patient’s perspective. 

Their main goal is to find individuals who are committed and passionate leaders, good listeners, comfortable with sharing their stories, are inclusive, enjoy working with others to develop new ideas, respectful of diversity and supportive of their mission and values. These are all the qualities I try to emulate and strive to achieve in my advocacy work. 

There is no guarantee however that I will be accepted into the program but I’m trying not to let that deter me from the reasons behind me sending those 2 letters in the first place because no matter what happens, I know that everyone’s voice deserves to be heard. 

P.S. I checked my status today on my complaint I also made to the police department. It says it has been reviewed but based on the current backlog they are experiencing it will be assigned to a screening coordinator in about 14 days! Fingers crossed 🤞. 

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How Can You Make A Positive Change?

Today is Bell Let’s Talk Day in Canada. Yes I know lots of people criticize Bell’s efforts which can be anywhere from “we need more than one day to talk about mental health” (agreed) to “Bell treats their employees like crap” (I’ve never worked there so I cannot comment) but no matter what you may think or say about Bell Media, just remember one thing, they are one of very few, if not the only company I know of that are actually trying to make a difference with their actions to create positive change!

Did you know that one in four people suffer from a mental illness?

Next time you are out and going about your day, wherever it may be you’re at, look around at every 4 people you see; one of them is likely struggling with a mental illness. 

And what’s worse than that, more than 1 in 2 of them aren’t getting the help they need due to long wait times for treatments, fear of judgment and the lack of funding and resources. It’s shameful. 

These stats, along with the most recent and shocking stats which shows that children and youth seeking mental health services in Canada have increased over 100 percent in 2022; adults almost 50 percent which are both scary and heartbreaking. But there’s just not enough help to go around.

How can we as a society finally start to find more meaningful action to create positive changes? 

Well, we can start by choosing kindness; be the reason someone smiles today. Help a friend struggling with a mental illness by learning ways in which you can better support them. Get involved or help organize a mental health initiative in your local community, school or workplace. Make self-care a priority. Start a conversation with someone about mental health and help fight the stigma. Share this post and encourage others to do the same!

You never know what another person is truly going through or the impact you may have on someone else’s life.

Let’s all start talking today.

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