Sounding the Alarms

I met with the practitioner this morning who will be helping me through this next chapter in my journey.

We had a zoom call for our initial consultation and spoke for over an hour.  She already had a glimpse into my story from the office manager’s notes she’d collected from our conversation last week as well as through some paperwork I’d filled out online prior to our meet up today.

She had many more questions still in hand though throughout our conversation to help her better understand exactly what led me to her today.

I was very emotional as I recalled many parts of my story, AGAIN and especially surrounding my disbelief as to what has happened to me since my treatment in April, but her kindness and patience along with her wealth of knowledge in her field of practice, the more she spoke, the calmer I began to feel.

She told me that my case was extremely unique (boy is that ever an understatement), but she also assured me that she will do whatever she can to help me get through this.

Throughout the hour long conversation she explained to me in great detail how our nervous system works and sent me several videos to watch afterwards as well (which I did). I learned today that our nervous system contains 400 individual nerves which span 72 km’s in length.

She told me that our spinal cord is the gatekeeper to all the sensors in our body which sends messages to our brain. The more she spoke I began to have a clearer understanding of what the Neurologist meant when he told me that a circuit broke in my brain during my treatment and that given the severe disconnect I’ve experienced it has created issues that have literally taken over my entire body and has caused my nervous system to become like an overly sensitive alarm.  

The daily and near constant mix of brain zaps, twitches and spasms throughout my body, the tingling sensation in my hands and feet, nausea, numbness and shakiness in my arms and legs, my blurred vision, my hypersensitivity to cold and light, my sensitivity to noise, touch and sudden movements and of course my symptoms related to Pgad have all spread throughout my body. It’s as though I have a continuous surge of electricity running through my body. These daily challenges along with my awesome ability to catastrophize everything has left me feeling further stressed, anxious and completely rundown.

We discussed several techniques and practices she uses which she will teach me as we go along to help desensitize my extra sensitive nervous system and hopefully calm my symptoms down but for now, the next step is to meet in person next week at her office so that she can first do a full and extensive examination on me.

In case you missed my blog the other day, here it is again:

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Author: Kim Fluxgold

Wife, mom of 3 beautiful children, dog lover, creative sole and children's book Author. Sharing my journey with depression and anxiety through blogging in hopes of educating and ending the stigma.

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