The Dash

I’ve found myself in a really dark place since the new year began and with the recent and very unexpected passing of Bob Saget this past weekend I have also found myself referring back to one of my favourite poems called “The Dash” (written by Linda Ellis) for meaning and purpose.

I’ve read and listened closely to the abundant amount of tributes from those who knew him well which have been steadily pouring in since the news broke of his death. Each and every anecdotal account of who he was, giving us outsiders a real sense of what an incredible human Bob truly was to both his inner circle and to the many others who were lucky enough to have been touched by his sweet, kind, compassionate soul.

He will also be forever eulogized and fondly remembered by millions of his adoring fans and loved ones as “America’s Favourite Dad” both on our television screens and in life, a successful stand up comedian and a very generous philanthropist. 

“The Dash” represents a person’s life between the time of one’s birth until the time of their death. It’s the part of our lives that matter most. 

Many people unfortunately forget as they walk through their dash that at the end of their life it’s not the superficial pursuit of material possessions like fancy cars and big houses or fame and fortune that will truly matter the most but instead our focus should be on our happiness, making time for loved ones, fulfilling our dreams, being kind and compassionate, taking risks, slowing down, inspiring the people around us and helping those in need. 

Bob showed us that even though he may have been blessed with many material possessions, fame and good fortune in his life, he is not being remembered for any of that. He left behind a way more important imprint on the world and made every minute count to ensure that his dash left a way bigger impact than that.  

As I mentioned above, this poem is one of my favourites and it has often been a great tool for me to reference when I need help to refocus during the times when it feels especially dark and lonely. I find that it also helps ground me in order for me to continue pursuing the most impactful, inspiring, meaningful and purposeful dash that I can.

***A special shoutout to another sweet, kind, generous and very funny soul on what would’ve been his 89th birthday today; My father in law. I am so very blessed to have been a part of your dash. “Go Leafs Go!”***

What is one thing you want your dash to be remembered by?

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Author: Kim Fluxgold

Wife, mom of 3 beautiful children, dog lover, creative sole and children's book Author. Sharing my journey with depression and anxiety through blogging in hopes of educating and ending the stigma.

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