Let’s Keep Talking (#BellLetsTalkDay)

Today is “Bell Let’s Talk Day” and for the last 10 years Bell Canada has been at the forefront of this advocacy program promoting “mental health education, research, awareness and ending social stigma”. Funds raised during “Bell Let’s Talk Day” (which is close to 100 million dollars since its conception in 2010) are distributed to a number of mental health organizations across Canada helping to make our great nation a stigma-free one.

Canadians are asked to get involved in Bell’s initiative today by simply doing what most of us do on any given day using a variety of social media platforms like Twitter. By tweeting the hashtag #bellletstalk or watching one of their “Bell Let’s Talk” videos being shared on Twitter, Bell will donate 5 cents. If you use one of their “Bell Let’s Talk” frames on Facebook or watch one of their official videos on Facebook or Instagram, Bell will again donate 5 cents to their campaign. Bell also asks that while on Snapchat today and you snap a picture that you use one of their “Bell Let’s Talk” filters in order for another 5 cents to be donated (teenagers alone could raise 100 million dollars by the amount of “snaps” they send in a day!). And finally for all Bell Canada customers who make a phone call or send a text message throughout today they will also donate 5 cents each time. Sounds pretty simple??

As many of you know by now if you read anything I post or blog about it would come as no surprise to you how passionate I am when it comes to mental health and how crucial it is for society to end the stigma surrounding mental illness. And if “Bell Let’s Talk Day” can help jumpstart just one more conversation, give just one more voice the courage to share their story, educate just one more person to understand the signs of mental illness, teach just one more person the importance of language and the words you choose, show kindness and tolerance toward others or to just learn how to become a better listener and ask the right questions, together will make a difference in so many lives.

Throughout the past several years as this campaign has grown in leaps and bounds I have heard more and more controversy surrounding the Corporation’s true objectives. But for me today I just want the focus to be about the many faces (and masks) of mental illness and how it can and does affect us all. It may not affect you directly but it shouldn’t matter if it’s your loved one who may be suffering, your friend, your neighbour or even your co-worker, all that matters is that we break their silence, shatter the stereotypes and end the stigma together! Happy tweeting everyone.

Author: Kim Fluxgold

Wife, mom of 3 beautiful children, dog lover, creative sole and children's book Author. Sharing my journey with depression and anxiety through blogging in hopes of educating and ending the stigma.

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