Anxiety Disorders; What Would You Put In Your Self-Care Kit?


*****Please read if you or your loved one suffers from Anxiety and/or Panic Attacks*****

As you probably already know by now (like who doesn’t), I suffer with severe anxiety every single day which also includes several panic attacks in any given week.  It’s often unforeseeable, it’s often discombobulating to others and it is highly obtrusive to my life.  My brain is on constant overdrive and with each passing day it seems to be becoming more and more intrusive as I feel less and less able to examine, rationalize or make sensible decisions.  You see, my brain is in a constant catastrophic state of mind where nothing makes any sense at all and it feels as though the world around me is falling apart right before my very eyes.

My anxiety and panic attacks are both equally unpredictable, scary, confusing and most definitely exhausting.  If you were to ask me in the midst of an attack what is wrong or if I’m okay my response will likely be “I don’t know” followed by “No I’m not” and my answers would be both justifiable and completely true.  Believe it or not it is extremely difficult to talk about anxiety but what I find even more wearing is having to actually explain it.  I know that anxiety can seem illogical and unreasonable to many people who don’t regularly live with it but for an individual like myself who does, a simple, “I get it” is so much more valued and treasured.

In general, anxiety is actually a very normal physical reaction to stress and can often be seen as motivational.  However, when it begins to cause grave impairment to your judgment or when it hinders your ability to tackle even the simplest tasks or when it weakens your entire immune system or when it is no longer just a fleeting moment in time but instead lasting for days, months or even years it has now become a debilitating disorder.

I am actively trying to be one step ahead of when my next anxiety or panic attack may occur even though they more often than not will come on strong and without warning.  But much like how the Boy Scouts are taught to “Be Prepared” I too want the same for both my body and mind in order for me to successfully get through it as best I can and with the least amount of resistance.

Over the last several years I have been immersed in many different practices of therapy both individually and in a group setting.  Throughout all of these different approaches there has always been one common theme when it comes to treating anxiety and panic attacks which is called “Grounding”.  Grounding is actually a technique that I find myself using sometimes even though I may not even realize it at the time.  It can be a very useful tool to have “when you feel like you’ve gone too far in your head and lost control of your surroundings.”

Grounding exercises can be used in order to bring your body and mind back to the present moment by using your senses, but don’t necessarily have to be used all at once.  Some exercises are quite simple and some may involve several parts to it, but most of them can be incorporated into just about any situation and be done just about anywhere.

Please have a look at the article I have attached to learn more about Grounding exercises and to find some that may work best for you.

Along a similar path to Grounding many times during an anxiety or panic attack individuals may also turn to a comfort of theirs or something that may soothe them.  It is not uncommon these days for someone to actually keep these comforts close by in their purse, a knapsack or a box hidden under their bed.  It’s truly not a bad idea for someone such as myself to create a Self-Care Kit and keep it close by. I’m pretty sure it would first and foremost include a picture of my family (including Maggie), a fluffy pair of socks, a journal, a bottle of CBD oil, a stress ball or silly putty, some chocolate, a colouring book & pencil crayons, lotion from Victoria Secret and a book of crossword puzzles (I’d keep an extra phone and TV in it if I could too).

Well I actually came up with this list in mere seconds and I’m sure I could think of many more things to include in my Self-Care Kit but for now that is a good starting point and just like the Boy Scouts I will most certainly “Be Prepared” with a kit like that in hand.  So tell me what would you put in your “Self-Care” kit?

Author: Kim Fluxgold

Wife, mom of 3 beautiful children, dog lover, creative sole and children's book Author. Sharing my journey with depression and anxiety through blogging in hopes of educating and ending the stigma.

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