Motivation Monday: What does your best look like today? **Trigger Warning**

I’m always preaching about the importance of self-care. It’s essential and should be non-negotiable. It’s not selfish to put your own needs first but then how come I feel beyond guilty whenever I practice what I preach.

I have not been feeling well today. 

My mental and physical symptoms often go hand in hand with one another, especially when it comes to my anxiety but I’ve just become so accustomed to the art of “fake it til ya make it” for the most part, up to and including this past long weekend where I fought my way through constant nausea, numbess, bouts of vertigo, brain zaps, tingling and throbbing sensations throughout many parts of my body, whether it was while I was hiking or spending time relaxing with friends. 

My mental health is seriously declining with each flare up I endure. It’s pure torture and my cup is completely empty today and I don’t have the energy to even try and fake it or attempt to refill it. 

I was supposed to go to an aqua fit class in the early part of the evening at my friend’s pool. Another friend of mine was planning to pick me up for the class. Keep in mind here that I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE aqua fit (or any time I get to spend in a pool) and I was really looking forward to going but as difficult a decision as it was, I finally had to cancel shortly before. My body and mind were telling me not to go.

Instead though of feeling relieved and proud of myself for putting self-care first, I found myself spinning in a web of guilt. I had nothing to feel guilty about, nothing at all, yet somehow I felt like I was letting my friends down and I most definitely felt like I was letting myself down too, afterall I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE aqua fit. Maybe I should have tried harder to fake it til ya make it just like I do so many other times. Was this really the best I could do for myself today?”  

Deep down I knew though that I can’t compare to yesterday’s best and that we should never compare to our best friend’s best or to some random Instagram Influencer’s best either; all we can ask ourselves is what does MY best look like today?

What your best looks like today means being in the moment, staying present and not comparing it to yesterday’s best, your best friend’s best or to some random Instagram Influencer’s best. 

We are all unique in our own way. We all have good days and bad days. Our personal best is never going to look the same as someone else’s or to yesterday’s best. Our circumstances are all different and no two days are ever quite the same and some days, simply put, will be better than others. So ask yourself like I did today, “Am I doing the best I can for today?” Am I doing the best I can for me today, without comparing it to yesterday’s best, my best friend’s best or to some random Instagram Influencer’s best? 

Just mine and just today. 

For today I will just have to keep reminding myself that some days our best may mean just being able to do the bare minimum to survive. And that’s what I did today and that’s okay.

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Author: Kim Fluxgold

Wife, mom of 3 beautiful children, dog lover, creative sole and children's book Author. Sharing my journey with depression and anxiety through blogging in hopes of educating and ending the stigma.

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