Sorry, I just need to vent…

A few weeks ago I wrote a blog about the importance of self-advocacy and what an important tool it is for all of us to acquire at some point or another in our lives.

Last Saturday night I had an MRI. A few days earlier I had an EEG which my Psychiatrist had let me know showed some type of abnormality but I would need to wait for the results from the MRI first before the Neurologist could make any conclusive analysis. 

When I originally went to see the Neurologist a month ago he told me that as soon as I receive my scheduled dates for both my EEG and MRI I should call his office (or email them because they never fricken answer their phones which I’ve had to learn the hard way) to book a follow up appointment for about 10 days following them to discuss the results. So last Friday I did just that. Or tried to at least.

I tried calling the office first, no one picked up and you can’t leave a message either so I emailed the admin to try and make my appointment. The Assistant who works hand in hand with the Neurologist and who had also done part of my original examination called me back. I was already feeling on edge knowing that my EEG had shown some “abnormality” and told him I was going the next evening for my MRI and as per the Dr’s request I wanted to schedule my follow up appointment. He said to me not to worry and that as soon as they receive the results of the MRI he would call me to schedule the follow up. I was upset and confused, after all I had just been following the Dr’s orders to schedule an appointment for approximately 10 days after my tests were to be performed. 

Yesterday, late afternoon I decided to just check in with the clinic to see if maybe they had received the MRI results seeing as the EEG results came back within a day. I was anxious. I called a couple of times, they didn’t answer! So I emailed the assistant to ask if by chance he had the results, I know they are busy and even though he had promised to let me know when they arrived so I could book that follow up, which had he just done the previous week like the Neurologist had first discussed then I wouldn’t be venting right now and would have been none the wiser because a few minutes later I got an email back from a nurse in the office informing me that yes my results were in and that both the assistant and the Neurologist were out of the country and that they will get back to me upon their return in about a week to schedule a follow up.  

That’s when I lost it. My blood pressure probably went through the roof. There was no intent to call me as soon as my results came in because they’d be out of the country when they did!!

I was pissed and the nurse quickly knew how pissed I was too. None of this was her fault but she was now caught in the middle. None of this had to have even happened had the assistant just allowed me to schedule the follow up appointment like I’d originally been told to do. I wouldn’t have known my results were sitting there or that they were out of the country. 

By the end of our email exchange late Friday afternoon she had slotted me in upon their return for this coming Friday at 3pm. 

Self-advocacy is a necessary tool to acquire. And for now, further to the blog I posted yesterday, I’m going to put my trust in God! (

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Author: Kim Fluxgold

Wife, mom of 3 beautiful children, dog lover, creative sole and children's book Author. Sharing my journey with depression and anxiety through blogging in hopes of educating and ending the stigma.

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