OH: Monday Motivation

Last night I had a lovely evening attending my first ever networking and spiritual healing group @ “The Healing Cooperative”. These groups are run monthly by a dear friend and this just so happened to be the first in-person session in over 2 years. 

I was thrilled that another dear friend of mine tagged along with me as well last night to share in the experience. I also made many new and special connections with others in attendance whose stories really resonated with me as one by one we all went around the room and shared a piece of our own personal journey and passion for holistic and spiritual healing. We also heard inspiring stories from other individuals who have turned their passion of holistic and spiritual healing into a profession, many of whom, like myself had at one time or another been at a crossroads in their life. I spoke briefly about my passion and purpose for blogging, advocacy and writing my children’s book as well as my more recent spiritual and holistic journey I’ve been on.

Before we began sharing our stories we were each asked to pick 2 random cards from a deck of “OH Cards”. One card had a word printed along its edges and the other much smaller card had a painted picture on it. These cards are used as storytelling and imagination prompters, creative communication aids and therapeutic tools in both counselling and social settings. 

I chose first and immediately upon revealing my cards to myself I felt an overwhelming sense of defeat. It almost felt laughable in my mind. I didn’t want to share my interpretation with the group. I couldn’t see anything positive in the word “disgrace” or in a picture of a clown who was seemingly staring at me with a big smirk on its face and pity in his eyes; that was however until one of the guests in attendance (who happens to also be a psychotherapist) helped me see my cards in a whole different light. 

Yes, disgrace is a word which is used to describe shame and stigma, two very painful words that along my 8 year journey have often made me feel so unworthy and broken but upon further reflection last night though I suddenly realized that the word was chosen by me as a gentle reminder of how much I have worked over the last many years to destigmatize mental illness and help both myself and others feel less ashamed about living with one. And then suddenly I also saw the clown in colour and not in darkness. I suddenly saw his bright yellow shirt as energy and healing and his smile signifying silliness and fun. The rose coming out of his hat which I hadn’t even noticed upon first glance suddenly represented my growth and his big goofy green bow tie with a tinge of blue wrapped around his neck suddenly didn’t feel so smothering but instead shouted creativity, confidence and purpose. 

Suddenly I thought to myself “OH” now that’s more like it!

What is the first thing you notice when you look at my cards?  

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Author: Kim Fluxgold

Wife, mom of 3 beautiful children, dog lover, creative sole and children's book Author. Sharing my journey with depression and anxiety through blogging in hopes of educating and ending the stigma.

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