***SPOILER ALERT: THE AMAZING RACE (TAR) FINALE*** (you’ve been warned)

It was well after 1 AM last night as I lay in bed and began to cry.

But for once they were actually tears of joy.

I was watching the season finale of “The Amazing Race” at the time (which due to Covid took nearly two years to complete). I’d been totally invested all season long, week after week, anxiously awaiting to see if my favourite team; internet sensations Kim and Penn Holderness would take home the grand prize of one million dollars (they were the only reason I wanted to watch this season of TAR which I hadn’t seen in many years).

With the end drawing near and seeing just how close they actually were to the finish line, neck and neck with just one other team, they beat the odds and became the oldest team to ever win TAR (they’re in their mid 40’s lol).  

As they crossed the threshold, running excitedly toward their well deserved victory I was suddenly so overcome with emotion while at the same time I was also trying not to wake Rich up. I did however wake Maggie though who’d been snuggled up beside me. She quickly came to comfort me as I lay there in awe, tears streaming down my face, repeatedly whispering, “Omg, omg they won!!!!

I honestly can’t pinpoint one particular reason why I have become totally obsessed with Kim and Penn Holderness ever since discovering their Facebook page at the start of the Pandemic. 

And maybe it was just that. Maybe they came into my life at just the right time when laughter and distractions from the real world were most needed. I find myself incessantly talking about them to Rich and the kids during many a family dinners, as though they were our close friends.

Their daily doses of laughter and distractions from the real world bring a smile to my face everyday alongside their millions of other faithful viewers. They are so raw and so very real in their attempt to tackle important topics and issues of everyday life head on but do so in such an entertaining way with their very silly and oftentimes thought provoking parodies, skits and vlogs.

They have helped so many people feel less alone by opening up in their book “Everybody Fights” (which was released last year and I highly recommend reading) by giving the world an inside peek into the messy side of marriage, letting the world know that marriage is hard work but totally worth it. 

But probably the one thing that makes me especially obsessed with Kim and Penn is their willingness to share their personal mental health struggles with the world and how they use their platform for a greater purpose not just with their honest and open dialogue on their social media pages but throughout their entire journey on TAR as well while encountering and conquering so many of their fears and shortcomings due to their personal mental health struggles; particularly Kim’s persistent struggles with anxiety and Penn’s daily battle with Adhd.

I, like so many others can relate to them in so many ways which is why I was cheering them on from the moment the race began as I would a real friend!

Thank you for continuing to entertain us as we get through to the other side of the Pandemic, thank you for using your platform for a greater purpose, thank you for showing us the true meaning of what a supportive partner looks like and the true definition of teamwork, thank you for setting the world on fire with your truth, thank you for sharing your authentic selves with the world, thank you for normalizing conversations surrounding mental illness and thank you for lending your voices to those who may need it the most. 

Being able to share your stories makes you both warriors in my eyes because you just never know who may be watching or listening and who may need your light, your warmth or your inner strength in that very moment.

Congratulations to the Holderness Family. What a truly “AMAZING” accomplishment!

*Here is the video they released early this morning highlighting their grand adventure. I especially loved seeing the reaction from their kids who only found out their parents had won while watching the finale together last night at the cast party in a theater filled with their family and friends (I cried all over again!)

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Author: Kim Fluxgold

Wife, mom of 3 beautiful children, dog lover, creative sole and children's book Author. Sharing my journey with depression and anxiety through blogging in hopes of educating and ending the stigma.

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