My Word For 2022

We are officially one week into 2022. 

We made it! 

But by the looks of it on my Facebook and Instagram feeds many people, both young and old alike are barely hanging on right now here in Ontario (and in many other parts of Canada and the world too) as the reality of our new lockdown measures came into effect earlier this week. I’m just beyond grateful though that my Mother-in-law’s scheduled surgery went ahead according to plan a few days ago as we weren’t certain it would when part of the announcement made last week included hospitals having to cancel all elective and non-urgent surgeries during the lockdown period and even though she did not fall under either one of these categories it was still very much up in the air until go-time. Another added burden that so many families are dealing with right now.

With the news of all the latest lockdown measures and restrictions also came the devastation and added stress for many more when it was also announced that children and teachers would be returning to virtual learning.

As the week has progressed, every time I open my Social Media pages I am so overwhelmed with sadness seeing the overabundance of memes and Reels authentically showing genuine emotions of Healthcare workers, small business owners, teachers and many others including the look of frustration on so many parent’s faces as they try to navigate through their own personal obligations as well as those of their disheartened children’s lives too. A week into the New Year and it seems as though many individuals have already thrown in the towel for 2022. I totally get it.

There is only so much anyone can take. 

Mental health is on a rapid decline and having the start of 2022 begin with so many added hardships for so many I get it, I get why so many of us have already given up on the year ahead or more importantly, ourselves. 

2021 did not end well for me or my family and the start of 2022 hasn’t shown too much promise thus far but as I reflect back on the past year I realized that I’ve learned so much about myself and discovered many new things about me by allowing my past to come to the forefront of my mind and make room for forgiveness in my heart. 

As I’ve mentioned several times, I don’t make New Year’s Resolutions as they have a 99.999 % chance of failure and seeing how 2022 has started off for many, I am certain I’m not alone. Right now we don’t need a bunch of empty promises to start off the new year but instead we need “a word”.

Just one word that we can focus on as we begin to navigate our way through yet another uncertain year ahead. 

This “word” can help you set goals and intentions for all areas of your life.

Take your word with you wherever you go. Maybe create a vision board for your word, write it on your bathroom mirror or frame it and leave it on your desk or nightstand, make it the screensaver on your phone or stick it on your refrigerator door.

It took me the better part of the week to finally figure out what my word for 2022 should be. A word that spoke to me, a word that would help me take more risks, work on my relationships and open up more space for personal growth. I chose “Discover”.

I want to explore this word in every way possible. I want it to help me discover my purpose, discover my spark again and more than anything re-discover my true authentic self by continuing to let go of more pain from my past and leave more time and space in my heart for forgiveness and genuine connection to the world around me.

P.S. We could all benefit from being a bit more gentle and forgiving of ourselves right about now.

What will be your WORD in 2022?

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Author: Kim Fluxgold

Wife, mom of 3 beautiful children, dog lover, creative sole and children's book Author. Sharing my journey with depression and anxiety through blogging in hopes of educating and ending the stigma.

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