The Undesired Paths

**may be triggering to some**

The path we take in life is never just a straight line. We will take many wrong turns and many sharp ones as well, we will reach many obstacles standing in our way like fallen trees and broken branches, we will climb over many large rocks and stumble over tiny pebbles, we will cross over many rivers and murky waters and sometimes we may even find ourselves at a crossroads, completely lost as we happen upon many unchartered territories along the way.

For the last 6+ years I have been on many of these undesired paths (and not just on our “Summer of Rich” hikes) and for much of this time I have felt like I am at a crossroads, completely lost which has manifested itself into a world of self-doubt, anxiety, fear, hopelessness and lots of uncertainty but over the last few weeks these emotions have felt different. A lot different. They have felt deeper, they have felt stronger and they have felt scarier than ever before as I stand alone at this crossroads, completely lost between life and death and uncertain as to which direction to choose.

I feel tired, I feel untrustworthy of my own judgment and I feel as though I am just going through the motions of everyday life.

How do you deal with the overwhelm and hesitation when you find yourself at a crossroads? How do you figure out your desired outcome? How do you ultimately know what you want? How do you make your goals more apparent and visible?  How do you manifest your desired reality? What happens if you make the wrong choice?

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Author: Kim Fluxgold

Wife, mom of 3 beautiful children, dog lover, creative sole and children's book Author. Sharing my journey with depression and anxiety through blogging in hopes of educating and ending the stigma.

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