Zero Tolerance- Bullying Is Never Okay

Ever since the news broke last week that a young boy’s life was brutally cut short by a senseless act of bullying, I have not been able to stop thinking about it. We’ve all heard stories of bullying, some of us have been witness to it and many of us have fallen victim to it.

Bullying can affect everyone, starting from the bully himself (herself), to those who witness the act and especially to those who are being bullied. Bullying is defined as “a conscious, willful, deliberate repeated and hostile activity marked by an imbalance of power, intent to harm and/or threat of aggression” and the impact from such behaviors often lead to severe mental health issues, substance abuse, academic problems, suicide and last week it led to murder in a school yard as this poor boy’s mother watched in horror.

Devan Bracci-Selvey was among many students who had fallen victim to bullying by several other students at his high school since the start of the new year and they along with their families and friends had been begging for help from both the school’s administration and the police force since early September. So much for zero tolerance policies in schools??

I’m not gonna sit here and pass judgment as to whether or not I believe that the school board in his district and/or their police force failed to properly protect Devan and his friends from harm (another child transferred to a new school just a week or two prior to this incident), I’m certainly not gonna sit here and tell you that through the ongoing investigation I hope to see many of the individuals involved fired from their jobs for their lack of empathy and support and I’m definitely not gonna sit here and argue about how pathetic our criminal justice system for youth is and how these murderers should be named and tried as adults but instead I am just gonna honour Devan’s memory.

Whether it’s physical, emotional, verbal or cyber bullying, it is not okay, in fact bullying is NEVER okay. Bullying can happen to your child while they are at school, while they are on the playground, while they are walking in their neighbourhood and even while they are in their safe place, lying in bed and chatting with friends online.

Bullies don’t necessarily discriminate either, anyone can be a target of bullying which is why it is so important for parents, caregivers, educators and friends alike to watch for signs that this could be going on, that is of course unless you are lucky enough to have a child who will come to you first.

But sadly, many children don’t and for whatever their reason, it’s likely that they feel too ashamed or intimidated to ask for help and in turn begin to suffer with severe mental health issues, substance abuse, academic problems and in many cases, they turn to suicide.

Devan and his friends did all things right; they asked for help from trusted adults, they tried to avoid their bullies, they stood up for one another and they leaned on one another for comfort, right up until the very end and now those left behind will be leaning on one another even more. RIP DEVAN

#stopbullying #showkindness #checkonyourlovedones #bullyingisneverokay #zerotolerance #lookoutforeachother #seesomething #saysomething #mentalhealth #suicide #knowthesigns

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Author: Kim Fluxgold

Wife, mom of 3 beautiful children, dog lover, creative sole and children's book Author. Sharing my journey with depression and anxiety through blogging in hopes of educating and ending the stigma.

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